Natural or Clean Botox Injections? Don’t Get Fooled By Advertising

I’ve had a number of patients ask me recently about natural injections for wrinkles, they’ve heard of clinics offering a product that is supposed to be a more natural form of, or the ‘purist’ form of botox- aka cleaner or safer than regular botox. Given the way these clinics are advertising... Read More

Author: Dr. Alaina Overton, ND     Published: 2019-08-09

skin care

Your Guide To Pre-Wedding Skin Care Treatments

  Your wedding is one of the most special days you’ll share with your friends, family, and your main squeeze; so naturally, most brides want to feel their best. A huge part of that is the appearance of their skin. With wedding season fast approaching, here is a general guide to follow and... Read More

Author: Dr. Alaina Overton, ND     Published: 2019-07-19

Summer Skin Protection: Sunscreen 101

MORE THAN 90% OF SKIN CANCER IS CAUSED BY SUN EXPOSURE.  UV RADIATION The sun gives off 3 types of ultraviolet radiation, all 3 can cause skin cancer! UVA radiation goes deeper into the skin, causing skin cancer and pre-mature aging. UVA is also responsible for our summer tan. UVB radiation... Read More

Author: Dr. Alaina Overton, ND     Published: 2019-07-05


Move Over Anti-aging! We’re All About Healthy Skin Aging Using This Simple Integrated Approach

Beauty Divided  For many years the aesthetics industry has focused on anti-aging, marketing treatments designed to ‘prevent and reverse’ signs of getting older. But aging is awesome. We’re supposed to age; our bodies naturally go through a degenerative process, but because these changes are... Read More

Author: Dr. Alaina Overton, ND     Published: 2019-05-17

Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine for Mental Health

Botanical Medicine is one of the main modalities in naturopathic medicine. While the use of herbs for medicine was born out of tradition, the science behind it continues to emerge and uncover more of the ‘why’ behind its usefulness. In fact, many drugs have origins in plant... Read More

Author: Dr. Jacalyn Sieben, ND     Published: 2019-05-10

conventional cancer therapies

5 Common Side Effects from Cancer Treatment

When a person is undergoing conventional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or others, cancer treatment-related side effects are important to address for 3 key reasons: They can drastically impair a person’s immediate/short-term quality of life They may impair a... Read More

Author: Dr. Jessica Moore, ND     Published: 2019-05-03


Can PCOS Be Treated Effectively With Natural Therapies? A Review of The Latest Research

Many female patients seek care from us for menstrual irregularities, skin issues like acne, or weight management concerns and often times PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, is behind their symptoms. In more recent years the medical community has worked towards a diagnostic standard for PCOS, but... Read More

Author: Dr. Alaina Overton, ND     Published: 2019-04-19

Stress, Cortisol, & Sleep

Do you ever notice how your stress levels impact your sleep? It might be more than just your racing mind keeping you up. The physiologic effects of chronic stress play a significant role in your sleep-wake cycles. Stress, Cortisol, & Insomnia If you are the type of person who wakes up tired... Read More

Author: Dr. Jacalyn Sieben, ND     Published: 2019-04-12

seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder & The Sunshine Vitamin

Vancouver is famous for its wet weather. Once the summer ends, it's bye-bye bikinis and hello to umbrellas and rain gear. The days get shorter, the sky gets cloudier, and for some, our moods change to match the dreary season. If you are prone to getting the winter blues" when the rainy season... Read More

Author: Dr. Jacalyn Sieben, ND     Published: 2019-04-05


Your Microbiome & Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that what you eat impacts your mood? Have you felt worse after binging on junk food or after a night of drinking? There is compelling research suggesting that it may not be just the guilt talking - your microbiome may be contributing in a large way to the conversation. What... Read More

Author: Dr. Jacalyn Sieben, ND     Published: 2019-03-29

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