Tedi Fisher, R.TCM.P



Meet Tedi:

Tedi has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 18 years, she has completed a four year honours degree in kinesiology followed by a career as a NASM certified personal trainer and kinesiologist and finally a five year diploma of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine which included an internship at the Tzu Chi hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

Tedi's Clinical Focus:
Tedi’s practice includes acupuncture, cupping, gua sha and herbal medicine. Her clinic focus is primarily on:

  • pain/injuries including:
    • neck and shoulder pain
    • SI joint dysfunction
    • lower back pain
    • knee and ankle pain
    • headaches and migraines
    • TMJ dysfunction
    • fibromyalgia
    • arthritis
  • fertility,
  • chronic and autoimmune disease,
  • pre and post surgery preparation,
  • cosmetic acupuncture and preventive medicine

More information about Tedi's practice is available through her professional site tedifisher.com

Tedi Fisher is licensed through the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia CTCMA.

Board Certifications:

  • R.TCM.P - Registered TCM Practitioner
  • R.Ac. - Registered Acupuncturist
  • R.TCM.H - Registered TCM herbalist

Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine - In progress

Professional Affiliations

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