Natural Fertility

Natural Fertility

Our experience has demonstrated that there are many things a woman of any age can do to preserve and optimize her fertility.

Perhaps you know that you will soon be trying to conceive and wish to do all you can to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Maybe you’re years away from planning a family but want to make sure you’re doing all you can to preserve your fertility.

Perhaps you hope to conceive straight away, either naturally or through IVF, or it may be that you are already some way through your fertility treatment. Perhaps you’ve had unsuccessful cycles or suffered miscarriage in the past, and are looking for additional support and therapies to help your through the next stage.

Wherever you are in your journey from fertility to family, a consultation can help clarify the road ahead.

Getting Started

During your first consultation, we will conduct a comprehensive health and reproductive history in order to review any pre-existing conditions potentially affecting your fertility. We will also get a holistic view of your lifestyle and general health. Age, details of your menstrual cycle, previous pregnancies, miscarriages, family history, diet, lifestyle and emotional health are all considerations.

Fertility Testing for Women and Men

We encourage you to bring in copies of blood work, diagnostic imaging, IUI/IVF records, sperm testing etc. to your first consultation. If you’ve yet to embark upon any medical fertility testing, we can easily write up a requisition for you as needed. In addition, we offer a wide variety of additional testing for factors that are known to impact fertility, such as thyroid function, nutrient deficiency, and sexually transmitted infection. Many tests can be performed in-office.

*It is estimated that male factor accounts for more than a third of infertility cases. The genetic material in sperm reflects exposure to stress, nutrient deficiencies and environmental toxins.

If you are having problems achieving or maintaining a pregnancy, a sperm analysis is appropriate. If you’ve already been diagnosed with a low sperm count, poor morphology (structure of the sperm), or low motility (movement of the sperm), our naturopathic physicians will review all of the physical and lifestyle factors affecting your fertility and recommend a path forward.

Fertility and Preconception Program

Preparing for optimal fertility and a healthy pregnancy starts in the preconception period, 3-6 months prior to conception. Our fertility and preconception program will help you start out on a healthy path.

Our Fertility and Preconception Program includes:

  • 90 minute visit with one of our Naturopathic Doctors which includes:
    • Comprehensive Medical and Fertility History Intake
    • Complete Physical Exam
    • Nutritional Assessment
    • Natural Cycle Monitoring
    • Advanced Diagnostic and Laboratory Fertility and Screening Tests Based on Your Personal Profile*
  • 30 minute post-assessment consultation to discuss:
    • Your Laboratory and Exam Findings
    • Referral for Ultrasound to Identify Structural Abnormalities, Assess Uterine Lining and Ovarian Function, Monitor Follicle Development, Ovulation or Changes to Cycle as Required
    • Review Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations
    • Review Nutritional Supplementation of Fertility Specific Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids
    • Review Supportive Herbal Therapies to Promote Ovulation and Correct Hormonal Imbalance Based on your Personal Profile
    • Compounded Bio-Identical Hormone Prescriptions May Be Prescribed For Lab-Determined Hormone Imbalances.
  • 6 follow up acupuncture treatments

In addition to our Fertility and Preconception program we also offer an IUI/IVF Support Program specifically for our patients who are undergoing assistive reproductive treatments.

* Tandem utilizes many different laboratories for blood, urine and saliva testing. Our laboratory and diagnostic testing is not covered by MSP, and it is billed directly to the patient.

Acupuncture for fertility and preconception:

Research shows that acupuncture can help to optimize natural conception, and improve your chances of success. Acupuncture may also improve both the health and the quantity of sperm. We complete your program with a six-week acupuncture series. A minimum of six weekly sessions is typically required before a health change is observed.