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Naturopathic Physicians


Dr. Lynn Klassen, ND
Clinic Owner / Founder

Dr. Lynn Klassen specializes in chronic disease, lyme disease, headaches/ migraines & women’s health. Dr. Klassen’s goal as a doctor and clinic founder is to help her patients navigate the healthcare system and to create a comprehensive care plan across providers. BOOK NOW


Dr. Alaina Overton, ND

Dr. Alaina Overton focuses in skin health, medical aesthetics and anti-aging medicine. In addition, she has a passion for fertility, women's health and thyroid health, and has a special interest in nutrition & IV nutrient therapy. Services include annual health checks, laboratory & diagnostic testing, comprehensive health assessments and personalized health care programs. BOOK NOW


Dr. Alexia Harris, ND

Dr. Alexia Harris has a general practice with a special focus in detoxification, weight management, digestion, gastrointestinal disease, hormone balancing & skin health. Dr. Harris offers a patient-centered approach to medicine by educating and empowering her patients to take charge of their own health. BOOK NOW

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Dr. Jessica Moore, ND

Dr. Jessica Moore provides expert guidance on safe and evidence-informed integrative approaches to whole person cancer care. She is also available for general medicine consultation/concerns. Working on improving the status of your existing conditions and reducing risk factors are also part of Dr. Moore's Cancer prevention approach. BOOK NOW

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Kerry Wong, RN

Kerry has a passion for skin care that is drawn from her personal experience. This has given her a deep understanding of how skin conditions can affect our quality of life. She strives to offer her patients with helpful solutions and honest advice BOOK NOW.

Registered Massage Therapists


Victoria Mierau, RMT

Victoria has a general practice but a particular interest in chronic pain and headaches. Every treatment is designed around patient concerns and goals with a focus to reduce stress and improve balance, function and quality of life. BOOK NOW.

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Michelle Meyer, RMT

Balance. Such a simple concept. Yet when we lose it, it can be a struggle to restore. In our body, pain and undue stress can cause an alteration in our balance. If not addressed, this added tension can cause an obstruction to our daily lifestyle. Michelle believes in the importance of restoring balance. This is what lead her to massage therapy, and what she would like to help her clients find. BOOK NOW.